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Tech & Babies

I’ve been deep reading deep into all things tech this week.  From new sci-fi books (Seveneves by Neil Stephenson and the Culture series by Iain Banks) to new Kickstarter campaigns to meeting new startup founders and listening to their pitches for funding.

Here are a few things that I found interesting this week:

I’m also actively looking for medical / health / wellness publications that are online and produce good content that is relevant to any health professional.  Any ideas?  It’s proving a lot harder then I thought it would be to find an online publication that puts out good content that is of interest to their audience.

It’s cold brew coffee time!  If you’ve never done it, get a big mason jar, add five scoops of ground coffee or espresso beans, shake it up, then put it in the fridge over night.  Strain it in the morning and enjoy.

Now to drive down the Gardiner to The Beach and experience the joy that is driving in Toronto.  Plus experience the joy of my first baby shower!



A Day of Hunting

I woke up at the crack of dawn, the bright sunlight blocked by a half foot of prefab concrete wall, rolling over while hitting the snooze button and falling back asleep.  Finally rising from bed thirty minutes later, I rushed through the shower, threw on some clothes and headed out to Jusco.  I opted for the biggest bottle of sake that I could find, stashed it into my bag and hopped onto the bus for the trip downtown where I would catch a ride to go hunting.

The bus ride was quiet and uneventful (there’s a rule on the buses – heck all public transportation – that you should not use your cell phone to talk to people) and since there was no traffic I was downtown in no time.

We set out walking to find the perfect spot for hunting.  The two others selected for a spot farther away, closer to where the action would be and in a more comfortable position.  I opted for a position that provided the best vantage point and camoflauge.  This being my first hunting trip, I did not want to miss out on anything.

So there I was – perched in the blind that I had setup – and I waited patiently.  Every so often I would have to adjust my position so my arms and legs didn’t fall asleep, and I would conspiciously take a swig from the big bottle of sake (not wanting to attract any unwanted attention) trying to make as little noise and movement as possible (I didn’t want to disturb the natural habitat).

Here are some of the videos that I managed to snap off while I was there.

Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4, Video 5, Video 6, Video 7, Video 8

I’ll tell you, if it wasn’t for the sake it would have been a very boring and painful experience.  I got a few odd glances every now and then from the local wildlife (and local law enforcement) but overall I found it to be a very humbling experience.

T-shirt I found close to where I was setup for hunting...