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Rating Of Perceived Effort

I found this off of a Huffington Post article on fitness and decided that it may be a good philosophy to test out for a few weeks.   It’s been a while since I read an article and said “YESH!” out loud.  Rating of perceived effort is used in a workout to avoid over training the body or overworking a particular muscle group.   The emphasis is placed on showing up, doing the minimal amount of effort and if you “feel” like doing more, then do it.  If not, no problem, keep doing the minimum.

I’m all about breaking a big task down into smaller chunks, so here’s my breakdown to try out for the next few weeks.

Part 1 – Showing Up

Personally, I need to have specific instructions set into my calendar about who, what, where and when.  Most of the times, the why portion is self-evident, otherwise I won’t bother to book the meeting.

If I have a meeting for The Learning Studio, then I know who I’m meeting with (generally the title of the calendar entry – Scot and Oprah meeting), what we are discussing is in the description part, location of said meeting (google hangout, skype, Cafe Dineen, etc), and specific times (start and end time, as well as reminders).

Here’s what I’ve been doing for workouts:
Title – Workout
Time – 30 to 60 minutes, with a reminder two hours beforehand
Where – blank location
What – blank description
Why – isn’t it self-evident?

So that’s gotta change; get more specific for non-work related tasks.

Part 2a – Initial Action Item

I’ve got my calendar item – in this case a slow long jog – and now I need my initial action item.  In this case, it’s run for ten minutes then evaluate to see which path I should take.  I’m guilty of spending too much time planning out a task (such as calling someone new) to discover the gritty details about what has to be done and sometimes run out of time to get the task done.

So I’m only going to think about and note the initial action item (which is generally the hardest part of the task iteself) then dive into the initial action item.

Part 2b – Tracking Progress

In business, I’m all about tracking specific metrics to ensure that I’m still on the right path and

Maybe the metric that I’ve been using (weight) is the wrong one.  This will require a little bit more research online and looking inside myself to find something that I would enjoy tracking and is relatively easy to find.

Part 3 – Acknowledging Success

I’ll admit that I don’t do this enough.  It’s not that a big celebration is needed, but confiding in a few people that I’ve overcome an obstacle or reached a milestone is needed.  Everyone needs a pat on the back, a few words of encouragement and to hear those sweet words – “I believe in you”.


I’ve noticed that some of the most successful people in my life, only focus on the task at hand with minimal planning for the future.  Now this doesn’t mean that they didn’t plan, it just means that I never saw them do it on a daily or weekly basis.  Planning was something that was done at the start of a business, at the end of the fiscal year, and at a gathering or convention with your peers.  A decision to do something was generally motivated by personal reason more than a business reason (emotion over logic) and a decision to change things up was thought about over a period of months instead of hours or days.   And without another word, I’m off to do my slow jog. (Sept 14, 2015 – 5:32am)


One Metric

“One Metric to rule them all, One Metric to find them,
One Metric to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.”

I’m searching for that one defining metric.  The one metric that I can track that will allow me to set myself apart from any and all competitors.  A few things you should know about metrics…


No matter what you choose to measure, keep in mind that behind every metric, there are people.  Metrics ultimately come down to tracking the behaviors of people.

When selecting a metric, make sure that you are tracking something that is relevant to the growth of your business and adds to your bottom line.

Pirate Metrics was one of the first widely distributed presentations on metrics.  A quick search of reveals all you need to know on Pirate Metrics.

Metrics are an integral part to Growth Hacking or anything that has to do with growing your business.

Here are a few people who know about metrics – Dave McClure and Tomasz Tunguz.  Google is a wonderful tool.

I’m also working on a Start-Up course for Registered Massage Therapists.  Everything an RMT would need to know to successfully launch their own business – and not have to go back working for someone else.  It should be ready by the end of October.

As of today, there are 699 days to go!

Just Not Getting It

“There are those who get it and those who don’t.” I can agree with that statement 60% of the time. In my almost 5 years at Gobi Capital, I’ve met all sorts of people and listened to many different pitches from startups to real estate to service companies. I think a new mantra is needed in this day of age that reflects the true challenges that face entrepreneurs.

“There are those who do and those who do everything else but do.”

Much better although it could probably be refined much further.

I had an interesting conversation at the CoFounder Lab’s Matchup in Toronto this week. The convo revolved around the best way to get started. In his case, the easiest way to get started was to approach a large potential supplier and get them on board first.

“Don’t I need a prototype? A web site? Sales material?” He had asked.

“No. You know your material and you know who the contact is at the company. Call the gentleman and do it soon.” I had responded.

“But what will I say to him? What’s the pitch?”

” ‘Hi Mr Big Shot, my name is Mike Blah and I’d like to give you money.’ Pause and let him respond – answer his question then ask for the best time to meet.” I had retorted.

The conversation continued on from there but the end result is this:

What separates an entrepreneur from a wantrapreneur is doing. Making the call, sending the email, telling people about your company, signing people up – it’s all the doing that makes a difference. And the best part is, that’s the starting line, the first step. What will determine the success of that young man’s startup is not the idea, but the doing of action items to build his business.

Speaking of doing – I’m finally launching a new venture. It’s about time and next week is when I stop planning and start doing. I may cheat a little and start doing today.

I have no idea what day I’m on but I know it’s in the 900-920 area. Le sigh.


Once upon a time, there was a man who climbed to the top of a small mountain.  At the top of the mountain there was a temple that had a beautiful view of the town of Yamadera below.  With dozens of other tourists around, you could take in the gorgeous scenery and walk around the temple grounds.

The walk up was just as enjoyable as the walk down and within a short period of time you could pick out landmarks that you had noticed on the way up.  The difference was the perspective had changed:

  • On the way up we were bathed in the morning light; on the way down it was late afternoon and the sun was touching the other mountain peaks.
  • The vantage point for the landmarks was very different – upwards while hiking up and downwards while sauntering down.
  • Exhausted hikers were replaced with relieved tourists.
  • A sense of exhilaration was replaced with a sense of tranquility.

It’s the perspective that matters.

I’ve met many entrepreneurs and wantrapreneurs – the biggest difference between the two is perspective.  It’s very hard to change your perspective from someone who consumes products and services to someone who creates a product or service.  Part of my mission in life is to help people with that transition from consumers to producers, artists and creators.

A major realization occured last night after an intense hot yoga session – I’m nothing more than a ferry master.  People are standing on one shore and they need to go to the other side.  For some people they have to go now and for others they can wait a bit and take a later ferry.

I have 1040 days to go to achieve a goal that I set for myself over 15 years ago.  So little time with so much to do.

P.S.  1040 / Step 2