3 Yard Gains

For the first time in years, I threw the football around with my brother.  It was deflated to the point where you could barely grip it to throw a good spiral and it felt like a Dominatrix’s whip when you caught it.  I almost said no.  I didn’t have the proper shoes and my pants had been falling down all day.  I said nothing, got up and went outside.   Needless to say we had fun.

I’ve been doing the same three actions every morning for the past few weeks – say nothing, get up and go outside.  It’s enabled me to get up in the morning and get the work done that has to be done.  I enjoy doing it however at the end of the day I find that I’m starved for human contact and have a tendency to ramble on about what’s happened in the past 24 hours in extreme detail.  Turns out very few people care about the daily 3 yard gain that I strive for on a daily basis.

How to lose weight in four easy steps, aka how to enact change, is well worth the read.   I saw it when I was reading Mark Suster’s treatise on unicorns (tech startup companies valued at over $1 billion).   It turns out that there are some things that you can’t edit down to one or two things.  Some stories have to be told in their entirety.  And a few are worth memorizing.

This week I plan to burn up the phone and make a few new friends.  I also want to fix a web site and get a few brave people to test it out.  Hopefully one or two of them can break it, expose the flaws and then I can fix it.   Any volunteers?




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