A Book On Bath Tubs

I’m writing a short story about bath tubs.

This is similar to the type of story that I wrote when I was in Grade 6 when I wrote about Alex Corpse – a fun loving, scythe wielding psychopath who ran around town lopping people’s heads off and keeping them in a big reinforced garbage bag.  I managed to keep that story going with various chapters about walking to school, going to the mall and fun at the beach.  Thinking back, I’m glad that my teacher at the time had the wherewithal to realize that writing then was merely a creative outlet for expression of pre-teen angst and not a sign of things to come.

I’ve been busy focusing so hard on one task that I’ve let a lot of other things have gone to the way side.  I eschewed a balanced lifestyle and now I yearn for just a little more balance away from work towards other things.  Maybe not a balanced lifestyle but something different.

This week I will be pitching people (entrepreneurs) on giving me a chance to break things that they hold closest to them (their company, new product / service idea, current marketing and finance plans) then finding new ways for them to conduct business and document everything for them.  This way they can continue the new process, analyze the details and tinker with it, or abandon it completely and look longingly at a pretty binder on their bookshelf.  Do you know someone who can benefit from an abundance of new revenue for their struggling business?

I’m not sure how many days are left (I don’t want to experience that many blank lines in a spreadsheet today) but I do know that I’ve been moving at the right pace in the right direction.  I think I’d like to spend an extended period of time up in Dawson City in the middle of winter this year.


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