A Kitten Named Goober

This is a story about a cat that was rescued on the last weekend of summer.  20140912_114602[1]

This wee kitten was found outside of Minden, taking refuge under a car during a downpour.  When someone went out to shoo the cat away from the car, the wee one followed him back to the porch where everyone else was sitting.  A chorus of “I bet it has fleas!”, “Don’t touch it” and “Poor kitty” erupted when it sputtered under the cover of the porch.  A few moments later it was obvious that there was something seriously wrong with this kitten.  It couldn’t stand properly, it had stopped cleaning itself, and there was nothing left to it but fur and bones.  “Oh my god it’s just a kitten.”

Slowly the kittens face was cleaned up, tuna was laid out, and to add levity to the situation it was named Goober. Petting Goober was an experience unto itself unleashing a blast of furious kisses.  You had to pet gently so as to not touch bone and at first you avoided the stubby ear and cut whiskers – but it turned out that that’s where Goober wanted the most attention.  Goober would open it’s mouth to meow, but it was so malnourished that it couldn’t make a sound.  Absolute silence was required to hear the faintest of purrs.


As the day turned to night, a cat carrier was found, a possible home or two lined up and Goober hit the road down to Essa Township.  Right now Goober lives in a barn, but it’s painfully obvious that this wee kitty was abandoned as an indoor cat.  Every day Goober tries to make it in the house (unsuccessfully due to severe allergies) and the cat will follow a person outside for hours on end.


Goober has had two weeks of good food, love and a roof over it’s head, but with winter coming, a home has to be found as soon as possible.  Goober has a shine back into it’s fur, put on a few ounces of meat, but not enough to survive living in a barn during the winter.


Goober needs a home.  This kitten has been through a lot during it’s short life.  It’s obvious that someone has cut it’s whiskers on the one side and cut off the opposite ear.


Can you be the one to help Goober find a home this weekend?

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