Playing Hard Ball

What’s better – play hard ball or playing hard to get?  I know that playing hard to get works, however as I get older and crankier I’ve come to realize that playing hard ball may be more effective in certain situations – particularly when starting negotiations with someone who has unrealistic expectations.

Over the past month, I’ve hustled hard to get a new venture started and I realized late last week that I’ve hit the dip.  If you’re unfamiliar with “The Dip”, I’ll let you take a peek at the book by Seth Godin on the subject.  I was at the point where I was undecided on forging ahead or quitting.  After consulting a few trusted people, I decided late last night to forge ahead.

As well, I made the decision to consult my ‘action plan’ for the next 890 days.  It was a little disheartening when I realized that – yes I had done a crapload of work over the past few months – but was it productive?  Or is being productive a metric that should be measured?  Or how would productivity even be measured over a variety of different projects with differing objectives and outcomes?

So this week a wee bit of time will be spent considering my new yard stick to measure progress and figuring out a better way to ensure that I can limit the amount of time it takes get through a dip.

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