Just Not Getting It

“There are those who get it and those who don’t.” I can agree with that statement 60% of the time. In my almost 5 years at Gobi Capital, I’ve met all sorts of people and listened to many different pitches from startups to real estate to service companies. I think a new mantra is needed in this day of age that reflects the true challenges that face entrepreneurs.

“There are those who do and those who do everything else but do.”

Much better although it could probably be refined much further.

I had an interesting conversation at the CoFounder Lab’s Matchup in Toronto this week. The convo revolved around the best way to get started. In his case, the easiest way to get started was to approach a large potential supplier and get them on board first.

“Don’t I need a prototype? A web site? Sales material?” He had asked.

“No. You know your material and you know who the contact is at the company. Call the gentleman and do it soon.” I had responded.

“But what will I say to him? What’s the pitch?”

” ‘Hi Mr Big Shot, my name is Mike Blah and I’d like to give you money.’ Pause and let him respond – answer his question then ask for the best time to meet.” I had retorted.

The conversation continued on from there but the end result is this:

What separates an entrepreneur from a wantrapreneur is doing. Making the call, sending the email, telling people about your company, signing people up – it’s all the doing that makes a difference. And the best part is, that’s the starting line, the first step. What will determine the success of that young man’s startup is not the idea, but the doing of action items to build his business.

Speaking of doing – I’m finally launching a new venture. It’s about time and next week is when I stop planning and start doing. I may cheat a little and start doing today.

I have no idea what day I’m on but I know it’s in the 900-920 area. Le sigh.

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