While Canada Slept…

While half the world slept, I worked through the night.  Music blaring from 7:30pm until 6am with the smell of coffee brewing throughout the night.   A few problems had to be sorted out revolving around web sites – 10 Startups, Gobi Capital and Bay Street Hired Guns.  I made the mistake of upgrading Gobi Capital to WordPress 3.8 (Parker) and it killed off the biggest section of the network (Gobi Capital with 100k+ id’s).  It was a few deep breaths to realize what had occurred due to lack of planning was in reality an opportunity to take something mediocre and turn it into something better. 

I will be at Georgian College in Barrie, ON in two weeks (Tuesday January 21st and Wednesday January 22nd) to discuss entrepreneurship and present to one of the entrepreneurship classes (Speaker’s Corner, Tuesday Jan 21, 1-3pm, Rowntree Theatre H106).  If anyone has any questions or suggestions, I’m open to them.

This past week has been particularly challenging – focus being my biggest issue.  I’ve had five significant events occur in my personal and business life that have caused me to get side tracked from my long term goals.  Fortunately, I sat down with a good friend who helped put me on the right path.  Thank you SS!  Today is day 952.

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