The Ding And The Dong

I had the distinct pleasure of trying to explain to someone in my office what exactly Operations is within a business plan.  Originally, I had thought to describe it as the “doing” – what a business does to generate money – but I quickly realized that it was more than that.   It’s not enough to be only “doing” the business (it can be very easy to push paper and fool yourself into the fact that you’re doing work).  However the “doing” could be broken down into two parts – The Ding and The Dong.

Ding – Activities that allow you to go to ring the cash register and bring home the bacon.

This generally includes systems and processes that allow you to sell faster, track your potential customers better and keep people engaged until they are ready to buy.  There may be a little bit of overlap with marketing activities, but this is taken from the perspective of supporting marketing activites.

Dong –  Activities that support your business and keep things going.

This would include systems and processes that allow you to do your business better than any one else.

I realize that this is not a very clear explaination of Doing versus Ding and Dong, so I will endeavour to find a clear example and post it here soon.

P.S. Step 3;1039 to go

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