Train time

Ah the quiet zone on the GO train. Reminds me of the trains and buses in Japan. Little old ladies bundled up against the cold and hushing anything that makes a sound above a few decibels. Or forcing you to go to a compartment of the train with the toilets and luggage – that was an acceptable place to use your voice.

Also reminds me of Finland and taking the bus to school. That was mainly due to the advent of the cell phone and everyone having one of these new novelty items. All you could hear on the bus was the clicking of cell phone keys or the odd ring and a spattering of chatter.

I’ve made the conscious choice to be productive and write on the train each day. It doesn’t have to be a novella but it should be relevant.

Quiet musings
A low rumble
Chugga chugga
Sleepy time
Chugga chugga
Irritable cough
Laptop whir
Chugga chugga
Chugga chugga

Relevance is domain and audience dependent. Maybe that’s what I’ll name my dependents when the time comes – Domain and Audience.

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