Being A Winner

It took a long time to figure it out; there’s no manual on how to win. Sure there are a few great people who have written books and excelled in their field (Vince Lombardi, Peter Druker, Don Draper, Harvey Spectre) but I haven’t found a resource that says “this is how you WIN, in any situation, time and time again”.

My friend just published the first chapter of his book on Fiction Press. This has been something in the making for more then a decade. For years that I have know him, he has been writing. Years before I met him, he had been writing, attending workshops, seeking inspiration, grinding away to the clicking of keys – the things that most aspiring writers do. One of the things that holds up most writers is the fear of rejection – knowing that there exists a published out there who feels that their piece of work just doesn’t add up. My friend has overcome this by publishing chapters on Fiction Press – now he can gather fans, get feedback from readers, build a following – so when the time comes to go to a publisher the pitch is different. It’s not “please read my story”, it’s “2000 hardcore fans who will follow me to the fiery depths of hell to read about Stone”. This translates into “I got 2000 fans with no marketing; that’s how good this story is”. And this leads to becoming a best seller and winning.

A few weeks ago I wasn’t as obsessed with the thought of winning, then I realized I was unsure of what game I was playing. I realize that I can’t please everyone, some people are bound to be upset, but that if that is the case, then I should be winning at something, anything. Sadly I was not winning at the game that I was playing.

I was lucky enough to have a chance to step back for a week, gather my thoughts, read a lot, write a lot, bob in the water a bit, and feel the air through my hair as I flew over the water in a speedboat named Sidewinder – and I realized that it’s all about winning.

The other thing that happened is a friend suggested I start watching Suits. I’m now an addict and the show will probably not make it to a third season, much like Firefly (which didn’t make it past one season).

So that’s it for now. Congrats to my friend for taking the first step to winning.

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