Daily Writing

It’s been too long since the last post on here. A few changes have taken place – among them seeing my brother and friends moving away for new jobs. I’m sad at the distance it puts between us but draw inspiration from them.

I have a new daily challenge – writing every day. It may not be a post on here, an article on financing or for a novel or short story. The point is to write a minimum of 500 words a day and to keep at it regardless of what’s going on.  So far, I’ve found early in the morning is the best time to write – as well as to do my road work (more on that later).

I’m realizing again that I’m spending too much time traveling between destinations in too short of a time period. Less time traveling and more time being productive – so I’ve opted for a bit of down time between now and August 7th.
Looking back at the past few months, I find myself yearning for stability – having a place to call my home, a daily routine, planning again for the future. I want to put down roots and know that for the next two years I am there day in and day out.

Back to writing – I’ve spent a week writing every day (catching up on days where I have not been able to write) and I’m using exercises from two books to ensure that I’m writing something each day. In an ideal world one day of writing would be for this blog, one day for GC, one day for a potential article (press release, media kit, magazine article), one for creative (anything goes) and three for short story / novel. To keep up with daily writing, I’ll keep a folder of ideas to write on based on the above categories.

Just watched an interesting tv program on Dorothy and Herb Vogel – amazing collection of minimalist and conceptual art collected over 50 plus years. Even when the gallery that they donated some of their 4500 pieces of art to gave them an annuity, the Vogels used it to buy more art. It amazes me the length that some people will go to to participate in the creation of culture.

“Live a ‘Why not?’ life, man. Take the shot.
The shot is always worth taking.”

Kevin Smith (1970 – )
American producer, director and writer

(Yes it is only 400 words at the end…)