Delicious Java

Well I did it, I am drinking coffee again. I’ll admit that I expected more from it – more of a jolt than a gradual stirring, more umph, higher expectations (like a marching band to welcome me back to the ranks of the morning addicts). Alas I was not disappointed. This morning I felt a craving for a small coffee and unfortunately it might be an ashtray aftertaste coffee this morning from Tim Hortons. I have nothing against Tim Hortons except that their coffee tastes like bum. Unfortunately Tim Hortons did not fail to disappoint.

I’m going to find one of the best coffee shops in Toronto this afternoon and savor the rich aroma and full body taste of a proper coffee while working away on a project. Any suggestions?

I’m looking forward to the hot humid days of a Toronto summer. Bring on the heat!

“He that wrestles with us strengthens
our nerves and sharpens our skill.”

Edmund Burke (1729–1797)
Irish philosopher and statesman

Feeling The Heat

I woke up this morning at sunrise (5:40am), got ready and walked out the front door. That’s when the heat hit me – 24C feeling like 32C and it was only 6:30am. It’s going to be a hot, sweaty, productive day.

I decided last night that I would wear a suit. A nice grey contraption that seals in the heat. I noticed another man at the train stattion wearing his full suit (I couldn’t bear to wear the jacket) and he barely broke a sweat. Now as I sit in this little green tube rocketing towards Union Station, I can feel the temperature slowly rise as people go about doing the basics – breathing, sweating, generating more heat through a variety of metabolic functions. Yes the A/C is not working very well and all of my locomotivites know it.

This week a number of things changed that may have a profound impact on my life or it may have none. It will all come down to a few choice decisions next week. Let the waiting game begin!

I’ve decided on three designs for the t-shirts and I’ll post them here next week.

That’s it for now. Have fun!