June is t-shirt month

May is Scotch month.  A whole month dedicated to Scotch – not the proverbial me (that part of me died a few weeks ago) – but to the fire-water of my ancestral home, the birth place of my father and his father before him.  I was fortunate last week to taste a wonderful bottle of double wood Scotch (stored in oak then sherry casks) with two friends and I’ll admit that I liked it.  I’ve been a big fan of bourbon over the past year, but I feel that I’ve moved on to tastier endeavours.  Enough about Scotch – did you know that June is t-shirt month?

In celebration of ‘t-shirt month’ I will be making t-shirts and selling them – one hundred percent of the proceeds (not profits, but everything) will go to charity.  I’ve been thinking about the writing and phrasing on the t-shirts for a while now but I will need some help from artistically inclined friends to flesh out the design.  I know that a few people have been waiting very patiently for me to get the lead out of my ass and to start making them – they will be ready in June.  🙂

So two questions remain – which charity and who wants to help?

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