New Season

Lots of ‘newness’ in the past few weeks – new focus with work, new job (well not really a job), new relationship status, new energy, new place to rest my weary soul, new voice, and renewed passion.

Yesterday I listened for the very first time Kid Koala at his Space Cadet concert (yes I was a Kid Koala virgin and he was very understanding).  It was strange to lounge about listening to him while wearing headphones – made for a fantastic and interesting time.

Kid Koala – Live in San Antonio!

I’ve gone back to my work ethic from when I was living in Helsinki and studying in a program where there was stiff competition from around the world; Monday to Friday work hard and stay focused.  Friday at 5pm – relax, unwind, focus on friends, family and fun.   And don’t stop moving!  I’ll admit that these past few days I’ve been cheating on the ‘all work/no play’ during the week, but that will change as summer arrives.

I have a few things to update over the next week and I’ll make a concerted effort to write more here.  The last thing that I wanted to do was write out my feelings and musings about a certain topic when it’s of no concern to the rest of the world and I had not been able to answer the question of ‘why?’

Travel plans over the next few months – Beijing, Tokyo, Bangkok, Calgary (Stampede!), Montreal, Halifax, New York, Shanghai, Luxembourg, London, Bermuda, and a few others if I play my cards right.

I’ll leave you with some amazing jazz to put a smile on your face.  Have fun!

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