Over the past month I had found a new outlet to write but now I find that outlet closed – hopefully temporarily, but realistically it may be for a much longer time, possibly permanently.  As of right now, it’s out of my control.

I had used this blog originally to write about my experiences while living in Japan.  Now seeing that returning to Japan to live is not as much of an option as 18 months ago, I find myself unsure of what to write about.  I had dabbled in a bit of personal anecdotes, business topics, and a few other things but it just didn’t seem right.  So for the month of March, I’m going to search for a suitable topic / theme and stick with that for the next 12 months.

How are things currently?  I find myself unable to sleep for more than four hours at a time – nothing new – but some nights it’s as little as two hours.  I’ve put on a bit of weight and I’m slowly burning it off through exercise.

I worry about people whom I know can handle themselves and about situations where I have no right to stick my nose in.  I fret about the future, keep busy with the present and from time to time forget the hard learned lessons of the past.  I’ve dived into resources, experts and books – seeking answers to questions that I put off two weeks ago – and finding myself in the process of discovering things about myself.

I’m at that place in life where I’m walking down a path and up ahead I can see the crossroads.  I was given the option to get ‘out’ of the current path but find that I’ve chosen to stay the course and make the hard decisions when I get to the crossroads.

Overall I’m apprehensive about the next few weeks.  I have so much relying on too few pieces on the board and it keeps me up at night.  So much planning comes down to a few brief moments in time that have been made even briefer still by recent events.

That’s it for now.

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