Yes it’s Day 28

Day 28 of The 31 Day Sprint.

No commentary, just numbers:

  • 72+ marketing points
  • 1 life point
  • 1 fitness point
  • 1765+ LinkedIn connections – links me to 17,474,960 professionals of which 48,785 joined since Oct 25th
  • 3 new projects that have been verified
  • 1 old project is back on the burner
  • Income increase of 4% this week
Mhmm....taken at 3pm Oct 28th 2011

Ok a wee bit of commentary – one final thing to note – don’t hate the man because some old lady came out of her van, wielding a microphone like a sword and asking his mayoralty questions.  I mean who wouldn’t be terrified of a zoomer in a Xena Warrior Princess costume being followed by a cameraman.  Granted it was on his private property and it was at 8am, but is there any other way to catch the Mayor of Toronto, especially if you cannot see him at city hall?

Can you hear the words coming out of my mouth?


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