Weekly Photo Challenge: Opportunity


I’ve always found that children provide the best opportunity.  Most of the time, I act as a troubleshooter / problem-solver for entrepreneurs and when I’m confronted with a challenging issue, I set aside some time to get with those who are the most creative and who continuously break down barriers setup by others – children.  They will ignore warnings, break the rules, and question everything that they see around them.  What adults understand to be a rule (such as ‘the sun sets in the west’), children question with “why?” and refute vague and unintelligible answers (such as ‘because that’s the way it is.’)

The story behind this picture is pretty simple – I was camping with a few friends and one of them had this bike.  Benjamin, upon seeing the bike, immediately wanted to ride it.  He started fiddling with it – playing with the handles,  inspecting different parts and spending an inordinate amount of time around it.  Eventually we hoisted him up, got him decked out, turned it on and let him rev it at 8am much to the surprise of the other campers.  Needless to say, ear to ear grin the rest of the day.

Meet Benjamin

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