One Year Ago…

It was a little over one year ago when I made the rash decision to break out of the funk that I was in and take action.

I let all of my business connections know that I would be heading overseas, packed up two bags and flew over 10,000 miles to Sendai, Japan.  It took me weeks to get into a work routine and sleep pattern that allowed me to work on Toronto time and still enjoy day trips on the weekends.  It took even longer to find a steady stream of income that would allow me to continue to live there.  Do I miss it?  Hell yes.  Would I go back?  Not quite yet.

Well enough about the past – onto the present!

  • 132 marketing points
  • 3 fitness points (90 minute run – thank you Seth Godin!)
  • 1 life point
A quick note on the life point for today.  For the first time in seven years I sat down at the piano and played.  It felt great!  I’ve gone online and found some music books and I will be going through those this weekend to find some new pieces to learn.
Right now I am physically exhausted, mentally fatigued and looking forward to a good nights sleep.  Tomorrow is going to be exciting!

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