Day 17

Today was a disappointing day for points, but a good day for web site deployment.  Four web sites that I’ve been sitting on have content, are out of maintenance mode, and live.  It might not look like much now, but it’s a start.

  • Marketing points – 5
  • Fitness points – 2
  • Other points – 2
I have spent quite a bit of time looking at how different scenarios for the future could play out in the coming weeks.  On the one hand, I am reluctant to return to Japan (and excited to see other parts of Asia), but on the other hand I need to add more facets to my life aside from work.  I love working (especially when it is all consuming), but today and probably tomorrow are going to be slow and that is when I tend to lose focus.  I forget that I’m studying for the GMAT and learning Mandarin, I forget to go for a jog and I start to look for new work related projects.
So on Thursday, the focus is on moving all projects forward one step, options for a muse and doing the framework / layout for the new phone system – plus getting a minimum of 33 points (I need to keep that 7 day rolling average up above 33 points).

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