Day 15

Half way there.  I can only hope that I can get this done before taking off for Asia again.  I’ve got that itch again and there’s no powder or cream that will make it go away.

Well it’s been over two weeks.  The results are not that impressive, but here are the stats:

  • 1,400+ connections on LinkedIn
  • 3 days with over 20 points
  • 2 days with over 30 points
  • 1 days with over 40 points
  • 10 days with under 10 points
  • Total points – 147
  • Weekly average – 74 / 129 for the past week
  • Daily average – 11 / 18 for the past week
Looking at my production level, the first hurdle is having a daily average of 18 for the past week (check!); then over 34 points for next week.  Truth be told, it will not be easier as I’m counting out 7 work days – so next week does not work towards my benefit.  I am happy with the numbers from the past seven days and I’m looking forward to the remaining six work days.
Day 15 – 4 points total – 3 marketing, 1 fitness |  It was a tough day as it was hard to get a hold of anyone due to the fantastic weather.  First half of a newsletter has been put together, web site redesign is in the works, and pushing paper was the name of the game today (also fixed the phone system – goodbye Ma Bell!).  A quick note – the above stats do not include Day 15, only the previous two weeks.
Now I’m off to a birthday party, then down to the city for a wedding.

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