It’s like Japan, but not. (Day 12)

I feel like I’m back in Japan.

It’s late at night, I’m drinking green tea and I feel exhausted.  That summed up my weekday / night experience while living in Sendai, Japan.  Long nights toiling away in the front room – far removed from the warm bed and massive heater that dominated the apartment.  Most nights it would either be crash at 2:20am or go for a short walk to the local 7-11 – grabbing pizza flavoured chips, yogurt drink, and some other snack, grunt good morning in Japanese to the shocked lady behind the counter (not too many gaijin are out that late), then briskly walk back.  If that didn’t work, I would hit the espresso, then work off the caffeine with an hour long run at 4:30am.

Now, however, is a different story.  I guess I haven’t been stretching myself, pushing myself in the past few months.  It’s past 1am and although my body and soul are exhausted – my mind is racing a million miles a minute.  It’s not just that I’m turning 30 this month.  Or that a close friend is getting married to the love of his life.  Or that I’m finally able to put together teams of people I thoroughly enjoy working with.  Or that I have to pick up that suit.  Or that I have to get a hair cut now that my hair style is no longer ‘buzzed’.  Maybe it’s just that years of work is finally starting to come together.  There are some things that have popped up in the last week, some in the past month and there are others that started over ten years ago.  TEN YEARS AGO.  (That’s nothing – someone very close to me has me beat there with a deal that he’s been working on since 1987 that is now maybe coming to fruition).

Today was Day 12.  I had 48 points lined up, loaded, ready to go.  Then the phone started ringing, paperwork passed through my hands, and now the day has gone by and I have a grand total of 4 points (no fitness points either).

I guess technically it is Day 13 now – and I have six emails set to go out around 7am.  If I’m up for another hour I could probably add another 20 to send at that time.  The remainder of the 48 emails are still set to go – so tomorrow has the potential to be a high point day that has to end early at 4pm as I have to hit the road for the wedding rehearsal and dinner.

On that note, I’m going to try to fix a few things on the computer, keep my laptop turned off and once this pot of green tea is finished, hit the sack.

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