Day 10!

Here’s the brief update:

Weekly points – 102

Daily Average – 11 over the past 10 days(if I do 50 today)

New Connections – 850 in the past 48 hours

Points today – 50

Spare time – Euchre Tournament, Mandarin

Philosophy – Go!  Harder! (I think that sums up my outlook on life right now)

Fitness – points for sustained physical activity – 1 point per 30 minutes.  Walking is not a physical activity.  Anything that raises the heart rate and involves movement – so having some crazed lunatic holding a gun to my head for 30 minutes or waving an ax around for 30 minutes doesn’t apply.  I managed one point for this week.

Goal for next week:  35 points per day for marketing plus 1 point per day for fitness.  I was burned out by the end of the week and have not fully recovered at the end of the weekend, so I’m changing from going 31 days straight to 31 days in total (working Monday to Friday).

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