Day 8

Update on points: Today broke the double digit barrier and accomplished 20 points. I did waste a fair bit of time on the phone and on social media (went from 220 connections to 520 connections in 7hrs), but I now have a process in place to connect with 20+ people each day.  So far, I have been averaging 2-5 points each day.

Update on health: I have not been as active as I would like however I have been watching the type of food that I eat and the quantity. If I haven’t been active or if I know that I will not be active, I reduce the portion size. I am planning on getting 2-3 runs in each week and finding some other sport to do on the weekends – like flag football.

Update on spare time: the simple truth is that there has not been spare time.  I will set aside 4-8 hours a week on studying and another 2-6 hours a week on learning a new language.

Update on philosophy: I’ve found myself searching out less drama in my life.  I’ve noticed that I’ve become withdrawn from people who are emotion or time vampires.  I’m moving towards a much more active role in the universe.

Update on marketing: No update per se.  I do have some ideas, however I need to flesh them out before publishing them.  I was fortunate to speak to a close friend in regards to him going out on his own to start a new business and we shared ideas on how to start a fast, lean company.  Very refreshing.
That’s it for an update for today.  I’m exhausted and looking forward to tomorrow!

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