31 Day Sprint

Yesterday I started a sprint – thirty-one days of concentrated effort to bring to fruition a few projects that I’ve been working on for the past few years. At the end of the sprint, I’ll be in a much better position in general while developing a different outlook on life and business.

There are five areas that I’m focusing on:

* Health – physical and mental
* Financial – metrics and daily measurements
* Spiritual – philosophical and ethical questions about the world around us
* Spare time – develop hobbies, set time aside for them
* Marketing – communication, brand, and channels

It was around this time last year that I started to inch towards Sendai, Japan and I find myself getting that itch to do something similar. It’s been over six months since the earthquake and tsunami and I find myself still being a little resentful/bitter and mourning. I don’t think that I have come to terms with the experience and I’ve let it influence my life until now.

Today I’m writing about the financial objectives of the 31 Day Sprint. In terms of metrics and measurement, I’m tracking the daily activities that will lead to more business and subsequently more income. Each day I track the number of points accumulated and plot them on a chart against these categories:

0-15 points – Danger level! I may soon have a boss.
16-33 points – Average – if that’s what I want.
34-51 points – Looking good. I’m in the top 20%.
52-69 points – The Million Dollar Pro.

I get a point for each of these activities: introductory client meeting, all documents collected, proposal sent, cold calling (1 point for each business owner spoken to), agreement signed, contract signed, contract extension, supplier interest on a project, a phone number collected from a cold contact (face to face), referral contacted, mail-outs / direct ad mail (1 point per 20), newsletter or newsworthy email (1 point per 20).

After the sprint, there will a concerted effort to continue to track these activities, in addition to revenue per day, expenses per day and hours billed.

Progress to date:
Day 1: 5 points

It’s not very good, but I’m being honest with myself and making more of an effort to focus on the positive and not spend my day putting out fires.

More updates to come….

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