Getting Some Gears

I’ve noticed over the past few months that it takes me a while (at least a few days) to change from Action Scot to Planning Scot.  I’ve just wrapped up The Nine Day Challenge (I think I was a gracious non-winner) and the culminating charity BBQ, and I find myself going into stimulation withdrawal.

It’s not that there isn’t tons of things to do – update the Gobi Capital web site (damn list of services), secure financing for clients (two at the moment), finish up consulting projects, return phone calls and plot a trip to Asia (for some time in the future – totally dependent on the schedule of someone else).  It’s just that none of these things involve the hustle and bustle of working towards an immediate goal that will benefit others.  Or maybe I’m just getting bored of working on my own.  Or maybe I need to get some gears in my life so I can quickly change between roles.

From Action To Planning:

1.  Debriefing – review what was good, bad and ugly.  Answer: what worked?  What didn’t work?  What were people unsatisfied about?  Where could improvements have been made?
2.  Physical fitness – do something – anything – to keep endorphins high.
3.  Ask stakeholders for their input on what was good, bad and ugly.
4.  Throw everything into a one pager or five slide presentation.  Send out to stakeholders for future reference.
5.  Start planning (see below)

From Planning To Action:

1.  Set a timeline on planning – minute, hour, day, month – current deadline is 12:30pm on Thursday June 9th 2011.
2.  Break everything down into parts / manageable chunks.  Create a Task List based on those parts.
3.  Work on formulating the steps, tasks, and milestones of each part.
4.  For each step/tasks/milestone, have a line stating: “This step/tasks/milestone is complete when _________.”
5.  Write out the overall goal.
6.  Answer the question – “Why should I do this?”
7.  Look at Task List and start with number one.

I’d like some feedback on this.  Am I the only one who has problems adjusting from action to planning?  Is there something that you do that makes it easier?  Are there any good books on this?

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