Take A Deep Breath

This past week has been a flurry of activity and it culminated a few hours ago with Heather and her coworker Mylene boarding a plane back to Sendai, Japan.  The reason that I decided to stay back was three-fold: make money, await word for a business trip to Asia, and to plan for a return to Japan in the near future.

I would say that I have managed to deal with the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear situation fairly well, setting up/marketing/running the fundraiser this past Friday turned out to be an amazing success, and helping Heather and Mylene organize and pack for their trip back this past weekend has been draining.

Right now I’m sitting at Earl’s Steakhouse at York and King in downtown Toronto.  I just had lunch and now I’m taking advantage of their free wifi to update this blog and get some work done.

Here are a few quick updates:

1.  Stories From Sendai – we raised a few thousand dollars for Habitat For Humanity to help rebuild shattered lives in Japan.  As a group, we experienced quite a bit of stress going through the process of envisioning the event, crafting a message, finding our hook, marketing, enchanting our wonderful volunteers, finding sponsors who were willing to step up to the plate, and of course the people who made the decision to come out for a great night of good beer and music.

I am grateful to all of the volunteers who lent a hand to help out, but there were three to whom Heather, Mylene and I owe a special thank you – Alz, Ngoc Anh, and Phil – without you we would not have been able to pull this off.

The question now for Stories From Sendai is how can we do more to help?  What is the next step?

2.  Gobi – now that all of the drama associated with the megaquake is over, I find myself needing some time to pause, take a deep breath, and think about where this whole thing is going.   I have three projects on the go right now but nothing has reached the point where I have to work on it full time yet.  Time will tell….so a little more waiting.

3.  Mental Health – while I was in Japan, I had the distinct “pleasure” of experiencing over 500 aftershocks in four days.  It got to the point where I wouldn’t worry about it anymore.  A 6.5 earthquake would hit and shake a building, people would scurry for doorways/under tables (you get the idea), and I would just stand there.  I guess you could say that very quickly I became an expert in structural strength of different buildings by the way that they moved and the sounds they made during an earthquake.  So this week I will talk to someone who will give me a new perspective on the past month and some coping mechanisms to move forward.

That’s about it for now.  I will post photo’s and video’s from the event once they are available.  Until then have fun!

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