Guess what – A Message To Canadians

Here we go –  the latest message from the Canadian Government to their loyal subjects living in Japan:

Date: 23 March, 2011 6:29:24 PM EDT
Subject: Message to Canadians / Avis aux Canadiens

Nuclear Emergency in Japan

The Japanese Government is working closely with the (IAEA) and is taking extreme efforts to manage the radiation event.

The Public Health Agency of Canada recommends that travellers monitor the updated situation reports about the event posted by the Japanese government and the Western Pacific Regions of the World Health Organization.

For more information on Japan and travel security, visit the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada website .


The Public Health Agency of Canada advises travellers:
1.      to follow the advice of the Japanese government particularly where
it concerns the ongoing or future protective measures around the nuclear facilities.
2.      to observe an evacuation zone of 80 km around the Fukushima
Daiichi nuclear power station as a precautionary measure, given the evolving situation.
3.      to avoid consumption of spinach and Chinese colza from Fukushima,
Ibaraki, Tochigi and Gunma Prefectures and raw milk from Fukushima Prefecture.
4.      to follow the advice of Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and
Welfare  regarding food and water consumption and protective measures such as potassium iodide (KI).
5.      to choose foods produced and manufactured in other regions less
impacted by the current emergency as an extra precaution.

Best regards,

Consular Section / Section consulaire
Embassy of Canada / Ambassade du Canada
7-3-38 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-8503
Tel/Tél:3.5412.6200   Fax/Téléc:3.5412.6289 (English) (français)


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