Looking Down An Empty Glass

BAM! Well Niagara Falls was a resounding success.  I wish that I had more time to spend there looking at some of the sights and to enjoy another night at the Niagara Ramada Plaza.  It’s been over 18 months in the making but this project is finally moving forward.  I must admit that it feels really good to know that developing relationships with quality people is the best way to build a business.  I just wish that I had found the solution when the problem was presented to me.

I also hope that I’ll be able to attend the grand opening of the Don Cherry Sports Grill in the Ramada Plaza in March.  I think it would be fun to meet the guy who helped open Rob Ford’s inaugeration as the Mayor of Toronto.

Looking forward to the party tonight at Whalen’s Gate for the High Park Demons.   I miss the team and I’m looking forward to a summer of hard work and celebrating wins.

I almost forgot – Happy Birthday Mye!  I’m sorry that I wasn’t in Sendai to celebrate it with you.  I’ll raise a pint in your honour tonight and eat as much food as I can get my hands on.  And Jamie I’m sorry that I couldn’t help you celebrate your birthday in Niagara Falls last night.

Alright time for some serious socializing!

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