Decision Date

Well January 15th is the self imposed due date to make a decision.  But that may be pushed back a few days due to the amount of time it has taken to recover from jet lag and being sick.  Also through in the fact that I’ve had to translate almost 50 pages from Japanese to English and it’s slowed things down quite a bit.

The night before I left I had the distinct pleasure of losing 1,000 yen and learning an important life lesson about how quickly things can change.  Of course I hadn’t packed yet and the airport limo was coming at 6:20 am, so I didn’t climb into bed until 2:30 am and was wide awake at 5:30 am.  The ride to the airport was beautiful – it had snowed during the night and the whole city was covered in a thick blanket of snow on a cool Sunday morning.  There was very little traffic and driving through the downtown core made me a little nostalgic.  It’s weird how easily you can become accustomed to certain things and start to take them for granted.

The Sendai airport is like any small airport found around the world.  I walked in and stood in line – got my checked luggage scanned before I made it to the desk and realized when I was next to be served that I had not checked in, did not have a ticket or my electronic authorization number – just my well worn passport that I spilled some non-descript drink that caused some pages to stick together and tarnish the nice red finish.  Fortunately the young lady at the desk took one look at my tired face, said something in Japanese that I did not recognize, saw the surprised look on my face and switched to English.  I just handed her my passport with a sigh as I didn’t understand what she said in English either.

Anyway, I was worried for no reason at all.  They had already printed my boarding pass for both flights, weighed my luggage, slapped the stickers on it and that was that.  The flight from Sendai to Tokyo (Narita airport) was uneventful aside from the obese Japanese man that smelled of cheap Chinese cigarettes, quick landing and being very quickly ushered into the check-in line at Narita for Interational flights.  Turns out that I should have not checked in first as there are very little options for drinks and food once you check in.

Anyway, for the next 22 hours I slept for 30 minutes just before the plane landed in Toronto.  For the next five days I managed to get 4-5 hours of sleep a night.  Fortunately, it will get a lot better this weekend and I should be able to slide into a routine starting on Monday.

Well that’s it for now.  I have an hour to get some work done then sit in a car dealership as they do some general maintenance on the car.  I’ll post something on Monday at the latest on a few decisions that have to be made.  Until then have fun!


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