Mission Accomplished

Well this is my last post in Japan.  I’m standing in the Google Free Wifi Zone at Narita Airport and the sun is slowly setting over the airplanes.  I feel pretty good considering that I’ve been up since 5:30am and my flight has been delayed by at least two and a half hours.  While sitting in the airport, I had the privilege of seeing my first sumo fight on tv.  I wish I could have made it to Tokyo to see something like this live, because those big guys fly at each other fast!  One thousand pounds flying at each other and jarring together – trust me there was no flab jostling as they tried to lift each other off the ground and out of the ring.  These guys could make a small fortune in the NFL (or an even smaller fortune in the CFL).  The best part is the winner keeps on going until all of the matches are done.

So the big question is has this trip been a success?

In some ways, yes I’ve found success, and in other ways not so much.  Let me count the ways:


Making money in Asia
Finding myself
New friends
Learn a new language (well starting to learn a new language)
Writing again
New purpose with my life


Potentially ruining a friendship
Not keeping in touch with everyone back in Canada as much
Not finishing all of the post cards

Now that I’m on my way back, I don’t have any detailed plans yet once I get to Toronto.  I will spend some time talking to my family and see what their expectations are.  Then it will be a matter of planning the trips into the city and to get what needs to be done.  Health card has to be renewed, taxes filed, passport renewed, things like that.  Alright time to get on the plane.  Sayonara!

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