What A Day!

I’m in shock, total shock.  Today turned out to be one of the more interesting days that I’ve had here.  If you’ve ever seen the movie “Lost In Translation” with Billy Murray, I had a similar experience where the director was talking for a over a minute straight with all sorts of hand signals and the translation comes through as “He says more energy” – yeah something like that.  Overall the news was good and I’m one step closer towards achieving my goal and helping a friend launch a new business.

We had a quick debriefing at Starbucks, which as it turns out is across from the Apple Store, and reviewed a few things before I headed back home.  I got off the bus early and went into the local Best Western to inquire about conference room rates.  I’ve never seen a salesperson collapse so quickly on discounting their rates.  I’m really not surprised that I only ever see a few lights on at night at the hotel – it’s a fantastic facility but I don’t think there is an active sales force there.

Anyway, I’m exhausted and it’s time to start packing up.  I want to have my last day free from packing, so Friday is reserved for saying “Sayounara”, doing laundry, packing, and getting things finished for my exit from Sendai.  So hello sleep, goodbye world.

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