33 Days To Go

My god I’m two thirds of the way through my trip to Japan!  Now the question becomes do I head back to Canada or make my way somewhere else?  Maybe somewhere warm…..

I’m sorry about the long lag in getting an update online.  I’ve been in a flux the past two weeks working during the day (doing research for a client based in Sendai) and working nights (on projects back in Canada).  It has shifted my focus to finding sleep when I can get it and relegated writing here (as well as for Gobi and sending postcards) to the bottom of the pile.  Luckily, I have a new sleeping schedule and set aside time for writing.

What have I been up to?

1.  Shopping for Christmas

2.  Reading (see list below)

3.  Starlight Pagent

4.  Discussing models, model agencies, talent agencies

5.  Talking to parents about daycare, preschool, etc in Sendai

6.  Planning a holiday trip

7.  Lots of running

In reality, a lot of walking around downtown Sendai looking at all of the Banta’s (Buddhist Santa’s), looking at lots of clothes that look good but will never be in my size, and lots of reading.

Looks familiar...

Reading List: The 7 Irrefutable Rules of Small Business Growth, 550 PR Marketing and Social Media Strategies, Marketing Like Lady Gaga (slideshare.net), Public Relations Strategy 3rd Edition, The Art of SEO, The Bootstrappers Bible, The Marketing Book 6th Edition, The Writers Handbook, Web Copy That Sells, The Virtual Handshake, 284 Amazing Rice Recipes, A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar, The Dip, The Big Moo, Purple Cow, 93 Referral Systems (Jay Abraham), Mastermind Marketing (Jay Abraham), Market Makers Edge, Bear Stearns Quick Guide To Non-Agency Mortgage Back Securities, Bear Stearns Introduction To Asset-Backed CDS, (bunch of other Bear Stearns internal papers), and other financial papers by BNP Paribas, Barclays, Bank of America, JP Morgan, Lehman Brothers, and University of Waterloo.

Squid, Crab, Croc

Time to sign off.  More pictures and videos to be uploaded later on tonight.

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