Players Gotta Play, Haters Gotta Hate

Well I’ve been pretty quiet recently – so much so that my parents got a little worried. I’ve been doing a LOT of thinking and reading and working the past little while. I’m looking forward to enjoying downtown Sendai and doing a day trip or two outside of Sendai if the weather holds out (yes it’s still 12C here) this upcoming weekend.

I’ve come to the realization that Japan is like any other country with one major exception – it goes to such extremes when it comes to people. The freaks are freakier, the businessmen are salarymen, corporate culture is machoistic and entrepreneurship appears to be non-existent. Whereas in North America private schools are coveted above the public school system – it’s the exact opposite here. Everyone strives to fit in and when people rebel, they take it to the extreme. I’ll find some examples and post them up here when I have access to a computer again (which should be soon).

That’s it for now and I promise to be posting daily again this week.

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