On Saturday I get to go hunting.  I’ve never really been hunting before but I’m looking forward getting out into the wilds and shooting some big game.  I’m going to head to Jusco (local department / grocery store) in the morning to grab some booze before heading out.  I figure drinking and hunting go hand in hand (as well as looking amazing in army fatigues).

Trees are starting to change their colour.

The past few days have been quiet and I’ve been bogged down with Toronto centric issues.  This has meant consuming many cups of coffee and the added stress of dealing with the time difference.

I managed to get out to some different parts of Sendai over the past few days to walk around and go into some of the stores.  I’ve noticed a disturbing trend that I thought was more North American centric, but I was obviously wrong – big box stores.  I had noticed as I travel around Sendai that there is a glut of office and retail space available across the city.  I had figured that it was mainly the result of a slow Japanese economy and the political uncertainty that has plagued this country for the past decade.  I think that there is more to it than that at this point in time – and I believe that many people here do not know how to improve their current situation (not as an individual but as a society).

I will get some pictures and videos up of the hunting trip on Sunday morning.

One thought on “Hunting”

  1. Dude, bring me back some japanese maples and stuff. That stuffs expensive here.

    Also, get me some pictures of some authentic japanese gardens. Small demand for them here, but I can make them work.

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