The Ballet, Women, and Fashion

The weather here recently reminded me of Vancouver – overcast, misty rain, mountains shrouded in fog – and it has been like that for the past week. Miserable weather. At least I can smile that the only snow that I can see is on the mountain tops!

I had a request from one of the players from the High Park Demons Footy Club a few days back to get some pictures up some of the ladies around Sendai. A logical request, however taking pictures of people either on the street or in a shop or restaurant is very hard given my limited Japanese. I’m getting a little more proactive with the language skills and using a blackberry to take pictures helps (unless they are moving), but it will take a little more time.

So I get dragged out to a ballet recital for one of the students at the school (TIS). Not too bad – I get to go to a new part of the city – Izumi-chuo – and I get to support a student in her endeavour to become a ballerina.

Took the bus to the subway station, hop on the subway and arrive at Izumi-chuo. Since we have over an hour to kill before the performance, we head over to the department store / mall and to my utter surprise it’s the Miss Universe Japan competition! I managed to get a few pictures and videos (1, 2, 3) but there was a lot of talking by the judges, sponsors, supporters, parents – I didn’t wait around too long. Plus it was a regional qualifier, all spoken in Japanese, and I didn’t have a fancy camera to tell them I was a foreign correspondent from Canada covering the event. Then the mall rent-a-cop started to follow me around as I was taking pictures, so I decided to stop after a few. The ballet recital was interesting (the student has talent and technique) although I have a feeling in my gut that if I ever had daughters I would end up as one of the many fathers wasting away an afternoon videotaping the whole performance just to catch two minutes of their daughters fame on stage (when they should be admiring the women at Miss Universe Japan competition!).

One of the regional contestants

I’m starting to notice a recurring theme in fashion in Japan. I’ll post more on this once I’ve fleshed out the idea a little more.  I’m sorry that I have not been posting as often as I would like, but I’ve been forced to post via blackberry as well as my sleeping schedule has changed so that I am getting six hours of sleep and I’m not an insomniac awake at all hours.

Now, if anyone has any ideas for topics, post a comment or shoot me an email.

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