The Curious Case of the Pigeon Toed Girls

I saw a sun dog today riding the bus back home. It made me smile and think back to the last time I saw one – over eight years ago.

A girlfriend of one of the teachers at TIS made a comment about how Japanese young women walk about and stand pigeon toed. I didn’t think much of it at the time (I had just arrived in Japan) but today almost all of the women that I saw were standing or walking like that.

It all started when I got off the bus in front of Sendai City Hall and walked over to the open air mall. When I was standing waiting for the light to change I looked down at my feet and noticed this girl wearing a very short skirt, stockings and furry uggs standing there pigeon toed. Then she crossed the street walking the same way. I’m sure I stood there dumbstruck for a moment making a weird face before I crossed the street.

Then when I was at Kaldi (a foreign food store) looking to buy espresso (although the sea urchin cream pasta sauce caught my eye) when this lady in heels saunters by all pigeon toed-like.

From that point on, I was hooked. I spotted another 22 women walking pigeon toed in two hours of which a good chunk of it was sitting sipping tea and writing out letters and post cards.

Next step will be to take some pictures of this phenomena and get some video footage up for you.

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