So I’m riding the bus downtown and I’m thinking / debating how to best go about learning Japanese culture when I realized that I have a very western, masculine and middle class way of looking at the world. Now, I’ve come to this realization before while traveling or when forced to debate certain topics, but I took this eureka moment to the next level when it dawned on me that I would have to totally abandon this outlook in order to gain a deep understanding of Japanese culture.

The question now becomes how does one go about selecting, refining and discarding assumptions and viewpoints that I’ve carried for most of my adult life? This is a question that I now wrestle with in my spare moments. This may also be something that many new immigrants to Canada must grapple with and either choose to integrate or to only associate with people with similar backgrounds. While I would love to live in a little bubble, it would defeat my purpose of being here. If you have any input on this, please share.

Last night over sushi there was a discussion at our table over corporate greed and the lack of ethics with businesses. I bit my tongue hard when the discussion turned towards how all companies care about is their shareholders and earning a return on their investment. Of course they do!

Not delicious and slimey

The second batch of post cards are heading out this weekend. My hand hurts from writing although I’m getting better at not smudging the writing (damn left hand writing). I’m looking forward to the weekend and the return of amazing weather.

Overflowing Box Saki (2 glasses)

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