Shoes and Food

“I’m sorry sir, the largest size that our store carries is 11.”  As a man with size 13 feet, I’m used to having a reduced selection in stores – just never had a whole store not carry a single shoe over size eleven – or at three different stores.  A little frustrating.  Welcome to Japan.

Most of today was spent unpacking, tidying up the apartment and relaxing when I felt jetlag rear its ugly head.  Around 3pm I ventured outdoor for a walk, ending up at Tohoku International School – a short 20 minute walk away.

Can you see Tohoku International School? (bottom left)

From there, caught the bus with some of teachers for downtown to eat some Sri Lankan inspired food at Kanako, and to do some shopping for items that I forgot to bring (more photos here).  Overall a successful trip however it left me exhausted and unable to work.  So afternoon and evening trips downtown on a week day aren’t going to happen anytime soon.

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