I have travelled over 10,000 miles for nothing more than a different perspective.  A chance to look at life from a different angle, re-evaluate my views on life and perhaps to let go of a few things.  Little did I know how much of an impact the flight over here would have on me.  As I was checking in my bags at the Air Canada counter, one of my bags was nine kilograms overweight.  I stood there like a deer caught in headlights when the kind old ticket agent informed me that it would either be $100 or I could remove some items from the bag and put them into one of my two carry-on bags.  The words “two” never sounded so sweet in my life and I pull a fully packed backpack from one of the “soon to be checked” bags and transferred a few other items into it and voila! – one kilo underweight.

In much the same way, this is what I’m looking to do with my life right now – find the few things that I can pull out from within and transfer them into another bag (pseudo reference to George Clooney’s character in “Up in the Air”) that I can then decide to bring only when needed as opposed to all of the time.

Not the plane I was expecting...

The flight from Toronto to Tokyo (Narita Airport) was long and uneventful.  At one point I felt my muscles start to atrophy from the lack of movement.  No matter how often I stood up, stretch, walked around the airplane, talked to a friend (Hi Aaron!) or new acquaintances sitting beside me, as soon as I sat down it would start again.  On the flight from Tokyo to Sendai it was short and sweet – although when landing it did feel that the pilot had misjudged the landing by a good 10 feet when he sent the turboprop plane bumping up and down along the runway before finally gaining traction on the tarmac.  Before and after the flight, I met Chris from Indianapolis, IN who was over in Japan to learn about a new manufacturing line his company was setting up in their plant in Greenfield, IN.  Hopefully a night on the town in downtown Sendai will ensue sometime in the next two weeks.

It’s now time to start unpacking, tidying up the apartment and becoming familiar with the surroundings.   Questions like “where can I buy food?” or “how does the transit system work?” need to be answered.

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